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six-member ??Chinese medical expert team for their contribution to Serbia's figh??t against the COVID-19 paP

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ndemic. The Serbian army's most prestigiou??s military awards were handed out to the doctors by Serbia's Defens??e Minister Aleksandar Vulin at the "Dom Garde" military facility in?? the presence of military officials and Chinese Ambassador to Serbi??a Chen Bo. Thanking the experts for their guidance, advice and sugg??estions, Vulin recalled thatt


the presence of the Chinese doctors he??lped the authorities in Serbia overcome fear even in the darkest mo??ments of the pandemic. "When other great powers were fighting over ??every package of masks and gloves and shattered any sense of humani??ty and forgot about old allian0

make good use of scientific ??and technC ological innovation, especially for inde8 pendent and original?? innovation in nat3 ional defense area. He said it's necessJ ary to form??ulate the 14th Five-Year PlB an for the construction of the army, cooF
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    ent layout, make scientific arrangeme??nC ts, and make good use of the military exc penses. Xi pointed out that?? the unityE of the military, government and civiliaU ns is a significant?? political advantagF e of the Party and the country, and the P